The Green Solution: Activated Charcoal Products

Published: 09th April 2009
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Activated charcoal is now used in the manufacturing of a number of products. Activated charcoal products are considered to be green products that are good for the environment. Many manufactures are realizing the benefits or creating activated charcoal products. For those in search of clean, green, and safe products the ones made from activated charcoal are exceptional.

Activated Charcoal Clothing

These clothing and bedding lines are made from natural activated charcoal products such as bamboo. Bamboo is known to be a naturally antifungal and antibacterial product. When purchasing clothing or bedding made from these products, there are no worries about an allergic reaction to the harsh chemicals used to purify traditional form of cloth. This bamboo carbon fabric also creates a dry and absorbent environment. Unlike wool or cotton cloth this fabric does not become damp due to sweat. This eco fabric is also very durable and stands up to hundreds of washes. It is used to make shirts, pants, socks, and bedding materials.

Activated Charcoal Products for Pets

There are a number of activated charcoal products for pets available today. These products range from odor absorbers to medicinal products. The odor products made from activated charcoal can be used in animal habitats, litter boxes, or cages. These products eliminate the smell that comes from the bottom of a cage or a kitty's litter box before they can penetrate into the air. However, there are also activated charcoal products that can help in case an animal if poisons or contaminates are ingested. Activated charcoal is perfectly safe for ingestion by pests and will remove these things from the system before they can harm the pet.

Natural Activated Charcoal Products for the Bathroom

There are a number of green soaps that are made from activated charcoal. These soaps can be made in conjunction with coconut oil, palm oil, and other naturally pleasant smelling oils. These activated charcoal products work to naturally detoxify the skin while cleaning at the same time. These soaps are very gentle for the skin and rarely cause an allergic reaction when used.

Activated Charcoal Products for Filtration

There are many activated charcoal products that are used for filtration of water or air today. These filter systems are very effective at removing contaminates, bacteria, and chemicals from the water and air. These products can be used for home or commercial filtration. In scientific tests these filtrations have shown to remove up to 99% of the bacteria in the water or air.

Agriculture Products Made From Activated Charcoal

Many agricultural companies are now using activated charcoal products for the removal of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. For areas of ground that have been over fertilized or have become soaked with pesticides these products are very beneficial. After years of using these products on a portion of ground the plants can be unable to grow. However, after the application of activated carbon these products can be removed effectively. The activated charcoal bonds to the chemicals and removes them from the ground.

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